Makeshift Skate Co.

With the intention to have fun with friends and skateboard, Makeshift was formed in 2002, to provide a resource for quality boards at reasonable prices. This grassroots project grew into a board brand that focused on throwing events, which eventually turned into a successful skate shop for many years.

These days Makeshift has made the move to California with a whole new direction focused around health and hygiene. In 2010 Makeshift had the idea for soap wheels, but not until now have we had the resources to develop a quality all natural, vegan, non GMO soap product.

To bring this project to life, Makeshift linked up with legendary skateboarder Danny Gonzalez, who these days focuses on product design and E-commerce. With much effort and utilizing Danny’s creativity, he was able to procure dedicated manufacture, and together they produced a mold, tooling, box template and carefully chosen ingredients.

As Makeshift makes a push for this new year, we’re excited to announce upcoming events, limited products; decks and socks with more to come in 2022. As we build out our social reach and establish relationships with in our community, we send out much love and respect! Never stop jumping fences and always keep pushing - Josh