Makeshift LTD (originally Makeshift Skateboards) was formed by Josh Garcia, Alexis Trevino, and Abel Trevino in 2002. On April 18th 2003, Makeshift released our first batch of boards. Makeshift today produces premium products as well as host events and festivals for skateboarding, music and art. Making history in 2012 with the Battle of Texas, the first skateboard competition on an USS Aircraft Carrier. 

Apart from the world of skateboarding, Makeshift in 2018 formed a collective of recording artists for the Makeshift Music House as we shift movements together to make a difference.

In 2021 Makeshift teamed up with legendary skateboarder Danny Gonzalez to design the original soap wheel. After launching the original soap wheel and taking some guidance from legend Joey Tershay, Clean Wheel Company was Trademarked by Makeshift in 2022 as the health and hygiene line for skateboarding and action sports. Today Makeshift LTD is solely owned by Josh Garcia and operated by a solid Board of Directors.

Makeshift continues to donate product and a percentage of sales from products and events to The Skateboard Foundation with a mission to spread love through skateboarding.

"Only action has the power, to turn knowledge into wisdom." - Josh Garcia CEO